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Welcome to AutoReporting

Picture the scenario
  • You have databases all over your company. 
  • Your boss is leaning on you and you just need a report of sales leads.
  • You need to review, action and move on. 
  • Your IT Team are too busy to get that straightforward data request you made weeks ago for sales leads.

Your Reports, Made easy
About Us
We at ...
  • Believe it should be easy your staff to get access to your corporate data.
  • Use a very slim technology stack carefully constructed and tailored to your business needs
  • Provide a reporting service that enables your data request to arrive in your email inbox within minutes(*)
Our aim
With predetermined requirements we offer to provide you the facility to:
  • Create useful information from your own data (*)
  • Gain independence from your IT team
  • Move your business in the direction you want  to go
For an initial discussion on your reporting needs and technology environment - email us at

(*)- It is recommended a small few data reports are created that will contain a number of fields that are common across your organisation.